GlobalOne Mobile The Next Generation SIM
GSM Networks
New and  smaller GSM networks find it challenging to offer international roaming services to their customers as it takes times and resources to develop roaming relationships and billing platforms.
If you are a GSM network, we offer a simple and quick solution that will enable you to offer international roaming services within weeks. With roaming relationships  in close to 160 countries, your customers will be able to roam at affordable prices around the world.  Use our next generation SIM and you get an instant solution. You will also be able to offer probably the most competitive prices in your markets. We offer a turnkey solution  considerably reducing the time to market.
We also offer convergence that will allow integration with VoIP services.  Your customers get an international roaming service full of useful features.
Since all our services are white labelled, you can brand the international roaming services to work with your existing branding strategy. We will be transparent to your end-users.
For more details of features an functionalities check Global SIM.
GSM Networks
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