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Global Data
By 2012 mobile operators will generate in excess of $250 billion from data usage, accounting for over 26% of their total mobile revenues.

Data is now a very essential part of a global traveler’s requirements for international roaming. GlobalOne offers data enabled SIMs with data rates that are significantly lower than most networks around the world. Just like voice, we bring you some of the lowest data rates that will allow you to offer extremely competitive pricing to your end users.

What is most unique is that we offer pre-paid data which most GSM operators are incapable of offering or do not want to. Either way, pre-paid customers get left out from data roaming services. Even post-paid users find that rates are excessive and most of the time hard to figure out. We provide transparent rates and full CDRs so that you can sell with confidence.

You manage data just like you manage all the other international roaming services we provide from our state of the art powerful management tool box. Your end users also manage all their services from a single pre-paid account for voice and data.

Data usage is now growing at a rapid pace. So offer the most competitive prices with good margins for yourself and great savings for your customers.
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