GlobalOne Mobile The Next Generation SIM
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At GlobalOne Mobile we have put together the best networks, unique features, pricing and support
so your job of serving the end-user becomes easier, more profitable and hassle-free. What we offer
is just about the best in the business.
International Roaming is the last big-fat margin service in mobile telecom.  That’s why operators are reluctant to reduce charges.  GlobalOne Mobile is able to change this paradigm and reduce roaming charges  considerably. We provide you with great margins while still undercutting the dominant mobile carriers by as much as 75% for outgoing calls and 100% for incoming calls.

Plus we focus on the end-user experience. So we use premium carriers for all our traffic which assures excellent voice quality. We never use the cheapest carriers as that would short change your end-users who would like to travel with a peace of mind.

You end-user is in complete control – roaming costs are predictable,  controllable and accurate. Now you can offer a range of global roaming solutions to the international traveller with confidence.
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