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GlobalOne Mobile offers features that are just about the best and most unique in the business. We provide you the tools to manage your business.
Billing Platform Billing Platform

The heart of our system is the state of the art billing and interconnect platform. This allows us to send downstream traffic through as many carriers as we need to ensure redundancy and high quality. The system architecture allows scalability so there are no capacity issues. As a distributor you get the most powerful tools in the industry to manage your business. Monitor and manage user accounts, activate and deactivate SIMs, download CDRs in any format, manage sub-distributors and much more.

White Labelled

Since we would like to be transparent to the end user, we offer white Labelled products and services. This gives you the ability and flexibility to brand them any way you want. You can create and add your brands and logos and offer the same to your downstream resellers. This gives you the opportunity to build brand loyalty and value in your business. Since you work hard to build your business, it’s your brand that should reap the benefits.
White Labeled

Total Customization Total Customisation

Our system offers the flexibility to customise your rates for different channels and market segments. This allows you to set your own margins and maximise profits. The most useful tool all our distributors had been asking for is rates management. Now we give you the tools to manage your own rates and meet your revenue targets. Among the many features available are setting incoming and outgoing calls rates, set daily, weekly or monthly usage charges, mobile and voicemail surcharges,  DID charges etc.

Multi-level Sales Management

Multi-level sales management is a very essential tool if you are going to have sub-distributors in your selling chain. We provide the tools to manage as many levels as you want which makes the whole process look very easy. Your sub-distributors can also set their own rates and manage their business in the same manner as you do. This will eliminate all your risk as they will also be working off their pre-paid account with you. To make life easy, they get all the same platform features so they can manage their own business without taking too much of valuable your time and resources. You can also give them the ability to do their own branding and customization.
Multi-level Sales Management

Define your own product Define your Own Product

We take customization to the extent you can create your own look and feel of the product. Besides branding, you can also use your own short codes, distinct from other distributors, for balance checking, voicemail and customer service. All calls to the customer service short code will be forwarded to your pre-defined customer service number. For example, if you have selected 150 as your customer service short code and you want the calls forwarded to customer service number anywhere in the world. Every time 150 is dialed from the mobile handset, the call goes straight to your customer service. We offer the unique option for you to charge your end user for this call or offer it free and you pay for it.

Pre-Paid and Post-Paid

Most billing platforms can do either pre-paid or post-paid. We offer both functionalities on our platform. This gives you the ability to tap the post-paid high ARPU segment if you have access to those channels. Post-paid feature is essential if you want to sell to large companies. Our multi-level management system will allow your corporate customers to manage their users by department, regional offices or any way they want to segment their employee usage. This gives them the ability to allocate mobile roaming expenses to individual department giving better control and accountability. Employees can download CDRs to substantiate mobile expenses. Research shows that in most companies’ mobile expenses when away from home never get accounted for and remain “hidden” from company audit of business travel expenditure.
Pre-Paid and Post-Paid

Integration for Calling Card Resellers Integration for Calling Card Resellers

If you are a calling card reseller you will find our convergence feature extremely useful. We offer you the unique proposition to integrate your calling card product with our international roaming SIM card and other services. We offer true convergence between mobile, calling card and VoIP services. All these will work off one platform with fully integrated billing. Your end user does not have to maintain three separate pre-paid accounts.  Usage charges for any of these services get depleted from one pre-paid account. This offers your end users unmatched convenience which they will value.

VoIP Resellers

If you are a VoIP service provider, we offer you the ability to integrate your existing services with our international roaming services. Your end users will now have the ability to make receive their mobile calls on their lap tops. They can also make cheap calls even when they are not near a computer. Billing can be fully integrated so the end users need to maintain only one pre-paid account. Plus they have the convenience of making calls and checking voicemail from their laptop when they are roaming. Any missed calls will go to one voicemail box no matter which service is used.
VoIP Resellers

Full MVNO Solutions Full MVNO Solutions

For large distributors, we offer a full blown MVNO solution. This will give you almost all the capabilities to become an international roaming MVNO in our own right. We will partition the platform and give you all the tools you require to manage the MVNO business. Our platform will allow you to connect and use your own   A-Z carriers to terminate downstream traffic and you settle your own bills with your carriers. This will give you complete freedom to pre-select carriers on different routes and interconnect with as many carriers your want. Our platform provides all the management tools to manage sub-distributors and end-users. You will operate totally independent of GlobalOne Mobile.
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