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Corporate Accounts
Corporate AccountsCutting costs is now a necessity for a company of any size. Whether you are a Fortune 1000 or the smallest enterprise, we offer you international mobile roaming solutions that cut your bills by as much as 75%. You will also need management tools that will allow you to monitor spending and set limits where necessary. Mobile expenses can no longer be “hidden” and employees can download their usage details easily to include in their expense accounts. Mobile roaming expenses can be properly accounted for and allocated to the relevant departments the same way as travel expenses are handled by your accounting systems.

Results of a recent “audit” of communications costs & policies of a company whose executives are making 300+ trips overseas every year:
Icon No system to determine spending on communications in last 12 months
Icon Communication expenses were “hidden” - clubbed together with “traveling” expense
Icon No “corporate” buying of communications services
Icon Executives did not know the cheapest method of calling
Icon Executives never controlled, budgeted or monitored telecommunication expenses
Icon No method of differentiating between “business” and “private” usage
Icon Executives never knew or realised that hotel telephones could cost 4-5 times more than other methods
Corporate Accounts
GlobalOne Mobile Corporate Program solution gives you everything you need and more.
Icon Savings of 40-70% depending on countries visited
Icon On spending of $100,000 a year, your company would save as much as $50,000
Icon Ability to review total corporate spending on international roaming communications
Icon Ability to budget, monitor and control spending for the whole company
Icon You can calculate and allocate communication costs to various departments or divisions
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