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About Us
GlobalOne MobileGlobalOne Mobile has been in the international roaming space for over ten years. Now as a specialist MVNO operating in the global GSM roaming space, GlobalOne Mobile is going after the most profitable part of the GSM networks’ revenue base whose subscribers now exceed 3 billion. By applying state-of-the art technology combined with a proven sales track record, GlobalOne Mobile intends to become the first non-geographic MVNO to achieve $100M in revenues in five years.

GlobalOne Mobile is a sales-driven organization, and intends to differentiate itself from what is becoming a crowded marketplace by simply doing everything better than its competition. GlobalOne Mobile is well financed and has critical foundation blocks in place to become the dominant leader in this industry.

GlobalOne Mobile offers cheap and reliable international mobile roaming solutions. When traveling abroad with a GlobalOne Mobile solution, one is likely to save anywhere from 30% to 80% on international roaming costs compared to current mobile networks or using hotel telephones. In the good old days, calling cards did the job very well. With the mobile and internet age and with mobility fast becoming a way of life, people are turning to mobile phones because they allow instant communications and two way calling. GlobalOne Mobile makes this just about as affordable as calling cards! GlobalOne focuses where incumbent operators do not - across borders using unique technology that pierces the last-fat margin in mobile telephony – global roaming!

GlobalOne Mobile’s future services are built around a multiple-IMSI SIM and our VoIP integration.

Multi-IMSI SIM combines multiple networks seamlessly on a single SIM. We believe this will change the current roaming paradigm. The application of GlobalOne Mobile’s unique technology will allow the company to operate without a peer, and grow to become a substantive and highly profitable venture in a short time.

GlobalOne brings convergence to international roaming. We provide VoIP services that are fully integrated with our Global SIM card. Your end users can make and receive calls from their SIM card or their lap top no matter where they are in the world. This expands our coverage to over 200 countries – incoming calls can be received wherever there is broadband access around the world even where there is no mobile coverage.
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